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Amazing incredible parachute amazon

1.James Boole: the extreme sports lover who survived a 6,000 ft fall without a parachute

There are numerous circumstances which can amuse to an utmost level and there are different occurrences which are thought about as the terrible ones. There are few instances of accidents and these various accidents end up being as the obvious ones. These different accidents got well-known because there are some lucky survivors discussed the entire story after they got spoken with . There are various unknown facts which came out later when these various survivors elaborated the horrifying stories of the accidents that they had faced in the sky. If you have interest in knowing these different realities you can check out the link provided above. So start checking out bail out of a plane today. If you’re exploring for world record free fall, you have actually land on the best web page.

2.Nicholas Alkemade: the World War II tail gunner who survived a fall of 18,000 feet (5500) after his plane was shut down

3.Juliane Koepcke: the teenager who survived a 2 miles (3 km) high plane crash and the Amazon rainforest

4.Mohammed el-Fateh Osman:the 2-year-old wreckage rider who suvived a jet crash in Sudan in 2003

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